Know about the Pros and Cons of LAN (Local Area Network)

LAN or Local Area Network is the facility to connect multiple computer and devices within a single office, construction or multiple buildings. In the world of business, connect different computers to one another is utmost important since it’s not possible to share files, documents and other info through emails each time it’s required. That’s why LAN has become a household name. Let’s discover what are the pros and cons of the Local Area Network.

Advantages of LAN

Easy Communication

One doesn’t need to install the Remote Desktop Software like AeroAdmin or TeamViewer or the communication software like Skype if they are on the same LAN. Data and messages are easily transferable over the networked computers. A lot of time and money can be saved by this.

Resource Sharing

The hardware resources of a computer like the Printers, Modems, and DVD-ROMs can be shared with over the networked computers. LAN enables you to do exactly that without costing you a single extra penny to purchase another hardware device.

Software Application Sharing

How much do you think it’s going to cost to buy a single software for 100 employees? Too much! Yes, that’s going to happen if you don’t use LAN for all your employees. It’s way more reasonable to use one licensed software over a network rather than purchasing the software for each employee.

Centralized Data

All of your network employees’ data can be saved on the hard disk of your computer. So, users can make use of any workstation in a network to get their documents and other data since the data is stored on the server computer rather than storing locally. Users can access the data by logging into their account.

Data Security

Since the server computer is more secure than the other computers, all the data of your company will be more secure and organized since those are stored centrally on the server computer itself.

Internet Sharing

LAN enables the internet sharing facility for multiple users over a network. This can be discovered in IT companies and cyber cafes. They pay for a single connection and let multiple users utilize the internet.

Disadvantages of LAN


Initial LAN setup cost is quite high. One needs to purchase the required hardware equipment for networking. Moreover, it’ll require the server computer, LAN card, mini-computer, and much more. All these make LAN setup a costly option for the small business owners.

Mislaid Privacy

The LAN administrator can check every data and files you have stored on the network. Moreover, he or she can check the internet and computer usage history of the users which is extremely unsecured!

Data Security Threat

If the LAN Administrator doesn’t secure the centralized data repository, then the data can be highly unsecured by the unauthorized access of external users. The LAN Administrator is totally responsible for any data breach of the LAN.

Covers Small Area

Know about the Pros and Cons of LAN (Local Area Network)

LAN has the capability of only covering a small area like a building or two. If you want a bigger access, LAN cannot perform the task. If you want to share files, software, and communicate with one another on a greater distance (country basis), Remote Desktop Software can be a great help. Visit Layerpoint to know how to amplify your business through remote desktop Software.

These are the pros and cons of LAN or Local Area Network. So, now it’s up to you whether you want to avail it or not. In my opinion, if you take enough precautions, LAN can be a good help. Now the choice is yours.